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Mar 27, 2020

Content Warning: This episode features injury, surgery, and infection. 

With Gur Sevraq retrieved (and secreted away inside of the Winter Palace), the Rapid Evening ought to have earned themselves reprieve. But with the drums of war beating, an overeager member of the crew volunteers them for a difficult new mission. With this added pressure, Clementine Kesh pushes herself to get back on her feet as quickly as possible, while her crew uses what time they find to continue pursuing their own goals.

This week on PARTIZAN: A Captive Audience

///Operation Dossier\\\


The Curtain of Divinity: Though Kesh is technically governed through an elaborate parliamentary democracy, the truth is that The Curtain of Divinity, a secretive organization inside of the Stel (and with agents across all of the Principality), serves as the actual power behind the throne. Knowledge of the Curtain is carefully guarded, and its membership is even further protected. 

It is unclear (even to the vast majority of the organization’s members) how, when, and why the Curtain was founded, but its fundamental organizational hierarchy is a key part of one’s induction into the society. The Curtain keeps a simple, cell-based hierarchy, with individual worlds reporting up to star sectors, which then report up to the highest tier of command.

At each tier there may be countless operatives, but each reports to one of five key figures in their tier:

  • The Silk: Minister in charge of Curtain diplomatic corps. Commands undercover agents who have infiltrated foreign governments.
  • The Damask: Philosopher, theologian, and scientist whose purview is performing and obtaining heretical and otherwise forbidden material.
  • The Lace: Marshall in command of the Curtain’s military forces, including reconnaissance and martial saboteur units.
  • The Linen: Steward, Quartermaster, Armorer, Bookkeeper. In charge of industrial espionage.
  • The Gabardine: Chief spymaster, keeper of all information, and (traditionally) the executive who proposes large scale, cross-branch action.

Each planet and/or sector has their own chief operatives in these roles, which roll up to the top, Divinity-wide tier. When referenced in speech or text, the operatives use only these titles, e.g. “The Lace of Partizan” or “The Gabardine of Divinity.”

House Brightline / HORIZON: In the popular consciousness, HORIZON is a radical, anti-Principality terrorist organization. In actuality, they are a radical-reformist group, which seeks to drive out what it perceives as corruption in an empire that ought be pursuing noble (instead of selfish) ends. Secretly funded by Stel Kesh’s House Brightline. Its Partizan branch is commanded by Gucci Garantine.

The Church of the Resin Heart: A Disciples of Logos church on Partizan which claims to be the true inheritor of Logos Kantel’s religious mission. The “resin heart” in question is a 3-foot large object pulled from the sea 400+ years ago and displayed as a relic by the Church.


Audacious Opportunity (A.O.) Rooke (he/him): Was a young freelance mercenary operating under Stel Orion charter before being captured by Stel Kesh on an assignment deep behind enemy lines. Now commands the Rapid Evening’s infantry division.

Figure A (they/them): A synthetic being that once worked inside of the Divine Past, working to make the data the Divine had available to it more understandable by other people. :

Crysanth Kesh (she/her): Clementine Kesh’s mother. Third in line to the throne of Kesh. As Gabardine of the Curtain of Divinity High ranking member of The Curtain, the highest such on Partizan itself. See The Curtain of Divinity above for more.

The Winter Doctor (he/him): Dr. Schuyler has been making visits to the Winter Palace for decades. Now he does so for Clementine Kesh.


Fort Icebreaker: A mobile fortress and battle station which patrols the northeastern border with Kesh. Moves between a dozen different smaller, subterranean bases, each of which is connected to a network of underground transport tunnels. In some sense, this entire system is “Fort Icebreaker.”

The Verglaz Taiga: Wrapped around the northern latitudes of Partizan, the Verglaz is a beauty to take in, at least from the comfort of the palatial Kesh estates which dot its wooded expanses. From the smaller villages and towns, where feudal tenants huddle for warmth in the snow, whatever aesthetic pleasure the taiga may offer the rich is lost. In the south west, though, a new source of warmth has made its presence known: The burning engine of the Apostolosian war machine, which melts the ice away with artillery barrage and crashed mech, both.

Cruciat: The Jewel of Kesh’s holdings on Partizan (and the home of the Stel’s Winter Palace) sits on a cross shaped island in the northernmost reaches of the Prophet’s Sea

The Winter Palace: Owned and managed by House Kesh, but eternal “home” to the Princept, whether they choose to visit or not. Built for privacy and access, featuring both its own port and trainyard.

Barranca: To the north of Obelle lies the Apostolosian province of Barranca, where mediterranian subtropical shores give way to a vast latticework of ravines and crags. There, military bases and civilian settlements sit in the crooks and alcoves, shaded by high canyon walls. Rising above it all is the famed Barranca Loop, a massive suspended cable system that runs up above the atmosphere like a giant bridge, and which allows Apostolos to launch ships and cargo into space. Heavily patrolled and under complete control of Stel Apostolos.


The Divine Future: An ancient divine, dating back to the second major war in the Golden Branch star sector. Exists in the form of golden orb slightly larger than a softball or bocce ball, which can either be carried by or hover around its Elect. Offers its chosen unparalleled perspective on the hopes and dreams of themselves and others, and the endless vigor with which to pursue them.

The Divine Vernacular:  A Stel Nideo Divine which allows those loyal (and blessed) to communicate instantly, at distance. A power some say is more powerful than even the sharpest spearhead. 

“The True Divine”: A phrase found in some Progressive Asterists texts and doctrine, but also across heterodox and heretical religious creeds and in of the teachings of gnostic and esoteric secret societies. 

Hosted by Austin Walker (@austin_walker)

Featuring  Jack de Quidt (@notquitereal), Sylvi Clare (@captaintrash), Art Martinez-Tebbel (@atebbel), and Keith J Carberry (@keithjcarberry)


Produced by Ali Acampora (@ali_west)

Cover Art by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot)

Episode description by Austin Walker

Music by Jack de Quidt

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