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Sep 9, 2022

Once a year, the Divine Discernment takes a trip dangerously close to the Adversary—Perennial—orbiting the very core of the galaxy. From there, it can see everything, all at once, breaking the rules of time and space in exactly the ways Divines seem sometimes able to do. It saves this view, rendering it out as an image impossibly high in resolution, giving those with access to it incredible strategic and tactical advantages—so long as they generally know where to look and what to look for. As such, though Devotion itself is not a dedicated war vessel, it is as responsible for the deaths that follow it as the accurate sight of the rifle or the targeting computer of the missle are. 

“Perhaps,” the leaders of Millennium Break think, “we could put it to better use.”

This week on the Road to PALISADE: Stealing the Throne

Records Recovered from the Divine, Arbitrage


The Divine Principality: Stitched together thousands of years ago from the remains of the Divine Free States and the Principality of Kesh, it is largest empire in the history of the MIlky Way Galaxy. Even now, divided against itself, any subdivision of its arms stretches further than any kingdom or confederation ever has before. An utter failure. 

Stel Nideo: WIth origins in the long lost Twilight Mirage, Stel Nideo are architects of our current era, dread controllers of the Present. Along with shaping mass media, popular culture, and educational standards, they now operate both Received and Progressive Asterism, the former run by the corrupt Cycle and the latter by the grotesque puppet of the lost prophet Gur Sevraq. These priests, pop idols, and patriotic poster children are largely aligned with the Curtain of Divinity.

Stel Apostolos: An ancient people, ever obsessed with external conquest and internal freedom, and utterly uninterested in understanding their own contradictions. They are dedicated to the pursuit of forward Motion, and I suppose I can respect such bullheaded devotion. It is, at the very least, not boring. They are the meat and muscle of the Pact of Necessary Venture.

Hypha & Ashen: The former were a culture of galactic nomads, guided by a paranatural force called the Strand which they could commune with using technological devices built into their antlers. The latter are their descendants, their routes broken by the Principality’s expansions and occupations, their culture ripped from them. 


Discernment (it/its) and Vigna (they/them): Vigna is egotistical with little reason to be, but Discernment could stand to be a little prouder. It is a massive Divine that seeks to put the world in its gaze, in every possible version of that statement. Part galactic spy satellite, part museum, part military base. It really tests the boundaries between passive observer and active agent, doesn’t it?

Omi (they/them): A synthetic member of Millennium Break with a top-shelf scenario simulation engine and an unparalleled sense of precision timing (among other beings of their type, at least).

Kinoki (sher/her): A code-cracking algorithm that slowly turned into a master thief and hacker. Strange life, even to me.

Fingers Crossed (they/them): One might wonder just how this criminal and rebel has studied enough classified Principality material to become the export forger that they are. Yes. One might wonder.

Robet Shpache (he/him): An expert in security systems, Robet Shpache wields cameras, gates, and drones like weapons. 

Cynosure Whitestar-Kesh (he/him): “The Peaceful Princept,” supposed leader of the Curtain of Divinity. Growing, ever so slowly, into the title.

The Lace of the Curtain of Divinity: Marshall in command of the Curtain’s military forces, including reconnaissance and martial saboteur units.


Crown: The ancient homeworld of the Columnar, found deep into the coreward reaches of the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. It was devastated by the arrival of the Perennial Wave, and today remains ruined.


The Perennial Wave: Perennial is something like a god, or at least I think she imagines she is. Her wave is her arrogant whim, made manifest. Functionally infinite nano-particles, spread throughout the galaxy, hampering all technology except (curiously) Divines.

Hosted by Austin Walker (@austin_walker)

Featuring Ali Acampora (@ali_west), Andrew Lee Swan (@swandre3000), and Keith J Carberry (@keithjcarberry)

Produced by Ali Acampora

Music by Jack de Quidt (available on bandcamp)

Text by Austin Walker

Cover Art by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot)

You can purchase Stealing the Throne at