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Jan 28, 2016

With the newly formed Righteous Vanguard closing in on them, the Chime makes final preparations for escaping Counterweight. AuDy winds up working as a pawn in a much larger game while Cassander examines the state of the board. Elsewhere, Mako faces an uncannily familiar opponent and Aria Joie finds herself in an...

Jan 21, 2016

As the members of The Chime awake from the memory farm, they return to a world that has changed without them. Corporations may have restructured, empires may have fallen but the threat of Ibex remains and so there is no time to react, only to prepare. Cassander receives their inheritance, Aria turns a rival into...

Jan 14, 2016

As our heroes review the past, the Golden Branch Star sector moves forward without them. And it moves towards instability. New corporate initiatives seek to re-establish the status quo. Old heroes come out of retirement, hoping to change things dramatically for the better. Masterminds move chess pieces and pawns...

Jan 8, 2016

Military water running down stainless steel cookware. The rustling of paperwork, yet unsigned. The warm hum and soft glow of engines alight. Distance and purpose, intermingling in the space between stars. A hand on a shoulder. A choice that makes itself. Eyes and voices, hearts and threats, and our familiar hesitation.

Jan 1, 2016

The Chime lay on medical beds on the surface of Counterweight, hooked into a simulation to learn as much as they can about Ibex, candidate of Righteousness. Inside the simulation, members of the Kingdom, a coalition fleet lead by The Kingdom Come, are unsure whether or not to keep Ibex at a distance. Just what is it...