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Nov 25, 2017

The Assemblage / Book: Of the Stellar Coriolis and the Resonant Orbit / Passage 001

Before the resonance was decay.

Standing on the precipice of obscurity, those caught in Our shadow threw themselves into the search for new delineation, into the labor of ameliorative credenda. Among the many competing schools, five gained great followings—yet Kamala Cadence, One Of Her Kind, saw that each led only closer to dissolution.

The Custodial Thesis saw Us as ambivalent caretakers, thus consigning You to whatever fickle attention We might levy. But where others saw resignation, Kamala recognized the truth of Difference. And so she studied.

The cult Terra Mira sought accord through recognition of a commonality: Divine, synthetic, and human life traced shared lineage to Earth. But where others argued that whatever Solish light We once shared with You was long ago wasted on the sides of mountains, Kamala recognized the truth of History. And so she studied.

The Golden Clause found hope in books of law, citing long-forgotten statues that governed the interactions between You and Us. But while others dismissed these rules, which attempted to detain the metaphysical in the realm of the judicial, Kamala recognized the truth of Pragmatism. And so she studied.

Some aimed to create a new mode of being all together. Called the Convergence Proposition, these engineers and scholars struggled for futile centuries to blend You and Us. But where others denied such amalgamation was possible, Kamala recognized the truth of Synthesis. And so she studied.

The algorithm Weyerbach Null did not seek to forecast or lead, yet many followed the visions of imagined futures provided by the Indefinite Oracle. But where others deemed Null’s faithful naive, Kamala recognized the truth of Utopia. And so she studied. 

And while she studied, You fought.

And while You fought, We gained in distance.

And while We gained in distance, the stars spread further apart.

And there, in shared relation to the drifting of dust, she found resonance. In one breath, Kamala Cadence, First to Kneel Among the Stars, found a path forward and committed to its walking.

And so, seeking a symbol of her strength and wisdom so that she might circumvent travel measured in lives, she decided to convert first her least-like ally, Independence, first-born of the old Diaspora.


This week on Twilight Mirage: godspeed, glory Pt. 1


There will be mountains you won't move


  1. Prof. Gauge's seminar
    1.  Assemblage = Written by a divine (or multiple divines) at start of Resonant Orbit
      1. "Not really written." Keeps saying this, not clear
      2. "The opening books were written all at once in a brief moment between thoughts"
    2.  Not really "book 1" since all the early books were written immediately, but we read first bc history?
    3. Debate over whether written by divine Truth, Wisdom, or History. (Prof. Gauge's thinks its "Spirit")
      1. "Don't forget Hegel" (who?)
  2. Reading
    1. Weird how this thing writes "You" "Us" "Our"
      1. How do you know when "we' means just divines vs divines + people?
        1. (prof gauge's says before/after resonant orbit it changes + "computers can read "we" and understand we")
    2.  Did they die before the resonant orbit?
      1. If not, why is it a surprise that they started to die later then?
    3. Aren't all Utopias Dystopias really, from another perspective?
      1. tyler said i was being smartass but fuck him, i'm serious
        1. (nah you being a smart ass LONNY -t) 
  3. Additional Reading
    1. Rethal's Jace: Overcoming the Problem of Other Minds
      1. before Cadence tried to unify divines/people
    2. Weyerbach Null: The Third Paradise
    3. Declan's Corrective: A Collection
      1. poems, just look up before class


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